Sarah Jessica Parker Talks ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Divorce’ and NYC at the 2017 Vulture Fest

Jun 1, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Divorce’ and NYC at the 2017 Vulture Fest
Couldn’t get a ticket? Here are some of the tidbits the actor revealed in conversation with New York magazine’s Adam Moss, about her start in the industry, working in New York City, and creating her iconic characters.

She and Cynthia Nixon went after the same parts as kids.
When discussing her start in the “biz,” Parker revealed she and Nixon have been encountering each other in audition holding rooms since they were young. “Cynthia Nixon and I were always in a waiting room together,” explained Parker. “She got a lot of parts, rightfully so.”

Sex and the City getting picked up was a surprise.
Although she didn’t expect it to get picked up, and was hesitant about committing to a TV show, Parker was grateful for the opportunity to play Carrie: “No one has ever asked me to play a part like Carrie Bradshaw,” Parker explained. “The writing was so unique and the voice was so singular. There wasn’t a single day I didn’t want to be on that set.”

NYC was truly a character in Sex and the City.
Parker reminisced about shooting in New York: “To shoot in the city in that way, to find a new street corner and use it in all sorts of different ways… Television hadn’t used New York City in a really long time. It was incredibly satisfying, creatively.”

Parker never imagined herself as Frances when she first read the Divorce script.
“We were developing things, none of which were for me, and this was among them,” mentioned Parker. “I had been very interested in exploring this idea of a portrait of a marriage,” she recalled, and when the idea of her playing the part came up, she wondered, “Should I be? Because I pictured all these other actors doing it.’ ”

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