One place for ALL of your receipts

We keep all your receipts, and we mean ALL (paper and digital), in one convenient place.

  • Store your receipts in the cloud
  • Automatically pull in e-receipts
  • Supercharge your paper receipts by simply taking a picture
  • Organize your spending

All for FREE

A few seconds is all it takes.

We use the latest in super computing to do the heavy lifting and automatically index all of your spending. Whether it’s shopping online or at the store, we've simplified the process and built you a personal receipt assistant.

No iPhone? No problem! Simply email your photos to your account.

Get a shiny new view of your spending.

Has my new phone shipped? Am I really a Gilt-aholic? What was the name of the movie I saw last month?

All of your data is stored and indexed, giving you the ability to easily find the purchase. We also provide tags and categories to help you filter and file your receipts.

Keep more green in your pocket.

There is money in your receipts. If you like food, photography, fashion, or hot air balloon rides - we serve up rewards you’ll love. Have unworn clothes in your closet? We also let you know when return policies are about to expire.

Security and Privacy; it’s in our blood.

Beyond using the latest technology in keeping your data secure, we know that your information is private and we intend to keep it that way.

  • Your email address will NOT be shared
  • OneReceipt can always be turned off
  • We have a secure SSL connection at all times
  • Credit card information is NOT stored or kept

About Us

The idea behind OneReceipt goes back a few years where we looked for a way to manage our purchases more effectively. Back then it was a combination of manually scanning receipts, creating folders and trying to find information in an overloaded email inbox. On top of this, in an information age, receipts are stale, boring, and ultimately broken. OneReceipt was designed to fix these problems.

We built this for you the consumer and us, but mostly for you! We thrive off of feedback and want to hear from you. Together we can build something great.

Our Team

Michael Altman - Co-Founder // Product
Besides thinking like a mad scientist, he is trying to fine tune his guitar skills.

Sam Fine - Co-Founder // Biz Dev
Hails from the financial world. Find him on the weekends on his bike in Central Park.

Michael and Sam met at university.


Receipts suck, let’s do something about it.


Win university wide business plan competition.


Game time, we begin making OneReceipt a reality.


Alec joins the wolf pack.

JUN 2011

Private beta begins.

AUG 2011

We turn the submarine keys and hit the button, launch!

NOV 2011